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I purchased these to feed to the dozen or so bluebirds that call my property home. Personally, I think the birds would eat any “brand” of mealworms. From a human point of view, I will say 1) they arrived quicker than other seller had stated. 2) The packaging/bag is of heavy plastic with a very adequate zip close/lock seal, so the bag itself is a good storage option. 3) The price one of the lowest if not the lowest for this amount of mealworms. and 4) the mealworms are in great condition — I would say close to 90% -95% of the mealworms are whole, or mostly whole and a very small percentage is crumbs…… and this is at the very bottom of the bag. I am very happy with this seller and product and highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase dried mealworms.


I bought a small bag of meal worms before and my chickens really weren’t interested. But a couple months later I tried this big 5lb pound and I’m happy I did. I can get my chickens to go anywhere or do anything with these. All I have to do is shake the bag and they know it’s snack time then come running!

They’re great as a treat, especially if you’re trying to distract them (trimming butt feathers/cleaning them) I love that you can reseal them in the ziplock style bag as well. All in all, they’re a great product and they make my girls very happy!


Chickens do seem to Love these worms. I feed my chickens mixed grains. Scratch, wild bird seed and black oil sunflower seeds. A person would think that was More than Enough, right? My chickens tell me though, that These Dried Worms are The Icing on the Cake. They Look for These Worms in the food. These last six months or so, I have kept these worms on hand the whole time. It is the FIRST year I have had Eggs All Winter Long. Was it due to just the worms? I honestly Don’t Know. I strongly feel that it was though. Happy Hens lay Eggs. These worms Make the Hens as Happy as Coffee makes some people. I have around 30 chickens right now. I had maybe 3 handfuls to their grain mix morning and night. Yes, expensive treat to give. Will certainly be buying again anyway. Because egg production is the reason a person has chickens, correct? And there certainly seems to be a connection between giving these worms and egg production.